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About the Map

Below you can check the Eternal Quest maps, click on the image to enlarge it and then you can see the legend containing the location of the Monsters, NPCs and Teleportation locations.

Ilha de Hazara.png

Hazara Island

The island of hazara is the starting island of the game. All players start there and need to do a series of missions, which aims to show the mechanics and systems of the game to the new player. After completing all the island's missions and killing the mini-BOSS, Memory of Zealosh, at level 7 the player can speak to NPC Aika and go to the main continent, called Ebuin.



Ebuin is the main continent of the game and players go to it after leaving Hazara Island. Upon reaching Ebuin, the player will meet at Ebuin Port, however if he goes north, he will arrive at Ebuin City. There the player will have several NPCs to buy new Skills, The Forge, Warehouse, etc.

Vértice de Ébano.png

Ebon Vertex

The Ebon Vertex is formed by volcanic islands. There are no NPCs there, but it is always busy, as it houses two BOSSES, Zealosh and Gaarukai. You can reach the Ebon Vertex through a tunnel found just above Ebuin Port (see Ebuin map).

Terras Gélidas.png


The icy lands are a cold continent inhabited only by a few monsters. The monsters in this region are able to slow your movement speed and even paralyze you with their freezing attacks. To get there, it is necessary to speak to NPC Laila inside Ebuin Town (see Ebuin map).

Ilha Proibida.png

Forbidden Island

The Forbidden Island has a huge concentration of monsters, due to the influence of BOSS Zeruel and the brothers BOSSES Bakurou and Hagurou. On this island the player will find several good hunting spots, however some of them can be quite challenging depending on the character's level. To get to the Forbidden Island, you must talk to NPC Jack at Chameleon Beach on the continent of Ebuin (see Ebuin map).