Eternal Quest: Online Wiki

EXP - Experience

EXP is used to evolve the character's base level, whenever a monster is defeated it can reward the player with EXP, AXP or both, depending on the Training Mode used (explained later). During the initial levels, there is an EXP bonus that helps novice players to acquire their skills and first attributes, which will lose strength as the character goes up in level, check this bonus in the table below:

Level Bonus
1-10 100%
11-15 90%
16-20 80%
21-25 70%
26-30 60%
31-35 50%
36-40 30%
41-45 10%

AXP - Attribute Experience

AXP is used to evolve the character's attributes, just like EXP, AXP is also received as a reward when a player defeats a monster, as long as the Training Mode used is either AXP or Balanced.

Each vocation will evolve its attributes in its own way and differently from the other, because upon receiving the total AXP it will be distributed according to the affinity of each vocation in its attributes, for example, an Elementor will evolve the Power more quickly than the Defense, already a protector will have his Defense more evolved than the Power.

Training Mode

The training mode is what will define whether the player will receive EXP, AXP or both. When the training mode is set to Focus on EXP, when defeating a monster 100% of the EXP will be used to evolve the character's base level. When the training mode is set to Focus on AXP, whenever a monster is defeated, 100% of the EXP will be converted to AXP and it will be distributed for the evolution of the character's attributes. And finally, whenever the training mode is set to Balanced, 50% of the EXP will be used to evolve the character's base level and the other 50% will be distributed to evolve the attributes.

Base Level

This is what is generally known as "Character Level", in Eternal Quest the Base Level has a function for releasing content, because when evolving this level, the player will be able to use new equipment, access new missions, use new skills, etc. . This base level does not have much influence on the strength of the damage, the defense or even the amount of HP of the character, since this is up to the attributes.

IMPORTANT: Each 5 base levels that the character has, will be equivalent to 1 level of Power and 1 level of additional Resilience. These points are inserted directly into the damage calculation and do not appear in the attributes window.

Base Attributes

Attributes are the source of power for the characters, it is with them that the player can make his character truly strong. There are five attributes in total: Power, Toughness, Agility, Precision and Vitality.

  • Power: This attribute directly increases the character's damage, making his attacks more and more powerful. This attribute also increases the strength of critical attacks.
  • Toughness: This attribute serves to make the character more defensive and make the damage received less.
  • Agility: This attribute serves to increase the movement speed and the maximum energy of the character, however he has the level limit being 105
  • Precision: This attribute increases the character's chance of hitting critical attacks. Like Agility, this attribute also has a level limit of 105
  • Vitality: Used to increase the character's hit points (HP) and also the speed of hit points regeneration.


In addition to the base attributes, there are sub-attributes, which are directly influenced by their base attributes, such as the base attribute Power, have Attack and Critical Damage sub-attributes. Below I will detail each sub-attribute and what each one is used for in the game:

  • Power:
    • Attack: This sub-attribute is what defines the strength of the character's attacks, it will be used directly in the damage formula of the game and will serve as a propellant along with the attack of the equipped weapon.
    • Critical Damage: Used to multiply the final damage when the player makes a critical attack, it has a 250% limit
  • Toughness:
    • Resistance: This sub-attribute is used to enhance the resistance of the pieces of equipped armor, unlike the Defense sub-attribute, it does not neutralize the damage, but reduces it gradually and percentage, can reduce a maximum of 80% of the damage received, the rest of the damage can only be neutralized by the Defense sub-attribute.
    • Defense: This sub-attribute is used to enhance the defense of weapons and shields, it is applied to the damage formula and then the result of this formula neutralizes part of the damage received.
  • Agility:
    • Speed: Este sub-atributo é o que influencia diretamente a velocidade de movimentação do personagem, não podendo passar do limite, que é 5.
    • Endurance: The endurance is used by the Dodge System, each time the character uses a dodge, 50 endurance points are consumed.
  • Precision:
    • Critical Chance: This is the sub-attribute that controls the chance that a character has to deliver a critical attack.
  • Vitality:
    • Total Health: This is the character's hit points (HP), when the character's points reach 0, he dies.
    • Regen: This sub-attribute is the number of hit points that are regenerated at each cycle.
    • Regen Interval: This sub-attribute is the speed at which the life regeneration cycle occurs.