Eternal Quest: Online Wiki


How to Increase It?

The mastery level can be increased whenever the player evolves 10 levels, because when the player reaches level 10, the mastery missions are released. These missions consist of killing more monsters to prove that the player is able to raise his level of mastery. All mastery missions can be obtained from NPC Chuck at the entrance to Ebuin Town.

After the player reaches mastery level 10, there will be no more missions and from there it will be necessary to buy the Mastery Book to continue evolving it. This book can also be obtained by the NPC Chuck for 300k gold coins.

How it works?

Mastery has a maximum of 20 levels and each evolved level will influence the Base Attributes of the characters. Imagine as an example, when creating your character and you open the attributes window, you will see the attributes that are started with him, every time the character evolves his mastery level, a 30% increase will be added in all these base attributes.

The mastery level is also used to identify when a player can share EXP within a group or when a player will have no losses when dying for another higher level player.

How it modifies Party EXP sharing?

For EXP sharing, there is a mathematical formula that uses the Mastery Level, it works like this 20 + (Mastery Level * 3), where the level difference between you and the highest level character within the group needs to be less than the result of this formula. For example:

Your Level: 41
Your Mastery: 4
Level of Strongest Player(in party): 105
Level diff: 105 - 41 = 64
Formula: 20 + (4 * 3) = 32

Result: The difference in levels between the characters is 64, which is greater than the result of the formula 32, so in this case there is no EXP division in the group for the level 41 character.